Gleec ATM: The Easiest Way To Buy & Sell BTC

The innovative ATM is simplifying the procedures for merchants and customers. Gleec ATM is a Virtual Bitcoin Automated Teller Machine (ATM), a teller in the form of an App that is specifically designed for buying and selling bitcoin. It allows the customers to trade Bitcoin and Cash on the spot.

A Bitcoin ATM is hands-down the fastest and most practical way to get BTC and Gleec’s Digital ATM makes the process even more simple. Already located in 4 countries, the digital version allows to avoid the long waits, suspect requests put out by exchanges, and extreme fees charged by banks. Added to this, the digital innovation offers the client even more comfort: The entire transaction is performed at the app itself, and does not require users to pre-register or create an account elsewhere. With the simplified process, the traders gain time and safety.

The operation is also simplified for the merchants. Different from most hardware Bitcoin ATMs where operators have to purchase an expensive machine to start, they can operate Gleec’s one from their smartphone, making it possible to change locations, no maintenance fees, and less cost to start the business.

If strategically operated, Gleec ATM is a profitable way for merchants to earn a comfortable income. If they already own a brick-n-mortar business and decide to operate at their location, having a bitcoin ATM might increase traffic to the existing business and make it more profitable. According to the data provided to CoinATMRadar by Bitcoin ATM owners, it can increase sales by up to 30%.

Even though the digital currency is on the cutting edge of finance, some customers enjoy the tangibility and liquidity of being able to walk to the merchant with cash and walk away with bitcoin. They can instantly see the result of the transaction, contrary to the slow procedure of the exchanges.

And as there is a growing acceptance of bitcoin as a currency, it creates the need for more Bitcoin ATMs. Their widespread use is a good signal for the crypto family, this means more awareness and usability of the coin. The more the Bitcoin community around the world reduces friction when buying coins, the sooner we will see mainstream adoption. The ATMs are there to serve anyone who may need quick access to Bitcoin.

For the list of Gleec ATMs locations or to Join the network, visit:

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Gleec ATM: The Easiest Way To Buy & Sell BTC Gleec ATM: The Easiest Way To Buy & Sell BTC
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