CoinMarketCap lists Gleec Coin

The bitcoin fork coin is the new addition of the crypto data provider

Gleec, a blockchain-based company, has announced that Gleec Coin is now listed on Coin Market Cap (CMC), the most trusted source for tracking capitalization of various cryptocurrencies.

With Gleec Coin being listed on CoinMarketCap, GLEEC users will be able to see the evolution of the coin market capitalization as well as other important information such as the 24-hour trading volume, price per exchanges and others more easily and with more reliance.

This a major milestone for the GLEEC ecosystem, taking in consideration that CMC is one of the most popular and high-traffic websites online in the cryptocurrency world. It is not exaggerated to refer to it as a powerful and respected crypto data provider with a great impact on the trust of the market. To bring more clarity into the niche, Coin Market Cap has been making strides towards a market free of manipulation with tools that combat fake trading volumes.

Gleec Coin was designed through Bitcoin Fork for privacy-sensitive users that buy and sell products or services online with the belief that blockchain technology will benefit users in an environment where privacy is protected and intermediaries are eliminated. The coin already operates working products that have real potential to gain traction among users and is listed in several exchanges, such as Latoken and Vindax.

The latest GLEEC price and 24-hour volume can always be checked at Gleec CMC page.

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