A Gleec ATM franchise!

We offer the opportunity to be part of this great and promising project, have your store specialized in cryptocurrencies where your clients can buy and sell bitcoins through your Gleec ATM. Also, our franchisees will provide information and advise you on the different investment products of our company.
You can be a Gleec-BTC OÜ affiliate by purchasing our GLEEC coin packages!

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Earn a 2,5% commission of your client’s transactions and gain up to 25% commission for your referrals.


Transactions Direct Benefits

Each step of the user inside the ecosystem has been designed to ensure and prioritize privacy, usability and user control.


Data Privacy

The benefits of blockchain technology, used in all of Gleec products and services, are clear when applied to a database. It becomes safer as it decentralizes.

Gleec Ecosystem

A Blockchain based digital ecosystem.

Gleec Chat

Ultra protected voice calls, video calls and messages, supported by end-to-end encryption and military class VPN connection. 100% of private online activity.


Gleec Wallet & Gleec BTC

Launched in 2017, these cryptocurrency wallet and exchange are bringing innovation and comfort to the users, with a simple interface, high-security protocols and integrated chat channel.


Gleec Lab

A laboratory composed by tech experts, developers, researchers and technicians that make highly-innovative apps, websites and gadgets to happen.


Gleec Pay

Developed to offer payment solutions, Gleec Pay is a platform with multiple tools allied in one app to ease the management and transactions of money.


Gleec Market

Our next product to be launched, Gleec Market offers a new concept of Market Place, allowing the users to buy and sell in the best way, saving time and money.

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Gleec ATM

An app that enables your business to buy and sell bitcoins for your clients quickly, with practicality and excellent commissions.

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